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Learning Disabilities

Improving lives | Ensuring Growth

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities include a number of disorders that may impair language, visual spatial processing, attention, perception and memory. They may also involve organisational difficulties, complications in social interactions, sensory impairments, behavioral disorders and other medical conditions thus requiring timely interventions, compensatory strategies and specific skill instructions. At Fiducia Care we empower and support our residents as far as possible to live a self-determined life enabling them to have a positive impact on society. Our philosophy is to enable our residents with learning disabilities so that they may achieve their ambitions and enjoy life to the fullest. Our care homes provide an environment that create an ambiance of togetherness, comfort and social spirit.

Our engaged and skilled team are committed to achieve positive, real outcomes for people with learning disabilities. Our friendly and experienced staff are carefully matched with our residents in order to provide personalised and customised care services to our residents.