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Improving lives | Ensuring Growth

Useful Information

Finding a care home for your loved ones with a learning disability is a challenging task which requires detailed investigation to give you the necessary reassurance that you have made the right choice. You will want to have full confidence in the quality of the accommodation and the services being provided. At Fiducia Care we take great pride in the quality of our accommodation, the high level of service we provide and the ongoing drive to improve quality of care to our service users.

If you are considering a care home for someone close to you, please consider the following items:

    • Experience of Care Provision – Our team are all experienced care practitioners who have personal development plans targeted at improving themselves resulting in a continuous improvement of care services provided.
  •      Licencing and Insurance – All of our care centres are licenced and insured.
  •      CQC (Care Quality Commission) registration
  •      CQC Inspection reports.
  •      Certification of their staff members – Our staff teams are certified and   we provide ongoing training
  •      Cleanliness and maintenance – Our daily regimes ensure a quality environment with the highest standards of housekeeping and hygiene.
  •      Access to local amenities – all of our facilities have easy access to a range of green space, educational, shopping and other amenities
  •      Frequency of visits allowed – Our team and facilities have been developed with families in mind.

Once you are satisfied with the quality and standard of our services, our team will assess the needs of your loved one and agree a care plan with you which will provide a smooth transition from their current surroundings to their new home at Fiducia Care. We will work with social services and families during the complete admission process to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible. Our focus will always be on improving the daily lives of our service users and ensuring they are happy in their new surroundings.