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Improving lives | Ensuring Growth

Fiducia Care

Improving Lives – Ensuring Growth

We work to improve the lives and ensure the growth of our service users, our team and our organisation Focused on achieving the wider goal of improving care in the community.

About Our Organisation

The name Fiducia Care comes from the Latin for Trust. This is core to all of our communications and relationships with our service users and stakeholders.

Fiducia Care Limited specialise in providing a wide range of care and support services and accommodation to service users aged 18 -65 years old with Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, challenging behaviour and Mental Health.

Fiducia Care is a registered social care provider, we work strictly to CQC regulations and standards. Our focus is on providing outstanding care. The team ethos, our values, our systems and procedures are all to ensure the highest quality care and support services to our service users.

Our approach is always person centred with the aim of improving lives of our service users. We always aim to provide the tailored care and support services that meet the unique needs of the individual service user. We aim to deliver programmes of care that promotes and develop the skills required for independent living.

We work with the wider care and local communities to offer an innovative, caring approach to meet the needs of our service users.

Our organisation – To continually develop our structure to ensure we are innovative and can deliver the best standards of care.

Fiducia Care homes provide a warm, safe and caring environment and adapt to meet the needs of our service users.

Our team are experienced, trained professionals and care specialists who understand the diverse needs of our services users and who are passionate about helping and improving their lives. All of our team have personal development plans and receive up to date relevant training on a regular basis to meet CQC requirements.

Our team will always demonstrate a professional, caring and effective approach ensuring our service users receive the best care and support services.We encourage active participation of all service users in in meaningful activities they enjoy, and which are beneficial to their health and wellbeing.

Our Service users have individual care plans tailored to meet their needs. All Care plans are focused on making a positive difference to their daily lives. We actively encourage developments in their independence by promoting cooking cleaning, personal hygiene care, paying bills, shopping and providing opportunities in further education.

Our approach is to work with our service users to achieve their daily needs, and always with a focus on how we can help develop their abilities and improve their daily lives. At Fiducia Care where possible we encourage the residents to function independently and engage in beneficial activities that they will enjoy which will Increase their level of independence and promote growth in their abilities.

Fiducia Care want our service users to live in an environment that encourages positivity and happiness, where possible we will encourage our service users to have a high level of independence and be involved in activities both inside and outside of the home. We ensure that our service users live in an inclusive environment that encourages positivity and happiness encouraging a level of independence where possible. We work hard to create and maintain the standards of care and support services by encouraging activities that promote a healthy life choice and a positive well-being.

All of our service users will feel well cared for.

Fiducia Care are sensitive to the psychological, emotional, social and physical needs of all of our service users and we make sure that they are treated with dignity and respect regardless of abilities, disabilities, colour, culture, sex or sexual orientation. Our aim is to ensure our service users are comfortable, engaged in meaningful activities and motivated to achieve their life goals and aspirations.




Fiducia Care, the Natural Choice

Why choose us?


You Need Help

Our experienced teams, high quality care services, excellent surroundings combined with innovative thinking using the latest advances in technology to ensure our service users receive the highest level of care available.



We Are Here To Help

Whether it be about general care services, learning disability solutions, the admissions process, or any questions you may have, we are available to help.


Excellent Quality of Life

Fiducia Care are always investigating better ways of providing outstanding care and improving the lives of our service users. We utilise a variety of social, recreational and educational activities in a high-quality environment to develop our service users’ capabilities.

Our Values


The name Fiducia care comes from the Latin for trust. Integrity is one of our core values. We are committed to being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values throughout our organisation. Our strong leadership teams promote transparent communication which is key to achieving a strong relationship based upon trust with all of our stakeholders.


Growth is key to our care model. We focus on improving the lives of our service users, our team and key stakeholders. We want our service users and staff to grow in capability. We must constantly aim at developing ourselves and our organisation to ensure we can achieve the growth necessary to continually improve our standards of care.


Respect is at the cornerstone of our business. Respect steers our daily interactions with our service users, our visitors and all of our key stakeholders.


At Fiducia Care we strive for continuous improvement and excellence in everything we do. Our business is all about providing outstanding care. To achieve our ambitions, we actively approach each day looking for opportunities to improve. The culture within our business revolves around personal development, finding solutions and finding ways to improve and grow. Every member of our team has a personal development plan. By continually developing our team we can be sure that providing outstanding care is always attainable. Our objective is to be at the forefront of improving standards in the care sector. We will work with the care sector and wider business community with an ambition of continuing to improve standards of care in the UK.