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About Us

About Our Organization

Fiducia Care

Fiducia Care Limited is a premier care provider in the Midlands. We specialise in providing a wide range of care services including homes for residents who have a learning disability, have complex needs such as mental illness and other associated challenging behaviour. We also have centres specialising in care for the elderly. Our homes are all finished to an excellent standard.

In addition to our care centres we provide a complete range of Domicilliary care services.

Our organisation operates strictly in line with CQC regulations and our sole focus is providing outstanding care.

Our approach is always person centred with the aim of always improving lives and ensuring growth of our clients. We work with the wider care and local communities to offer an innovative, caring approach to meet the needs of our varied clientele.

Fiducia Care homes provide a pleasant, comfortable, safe environment for all of our residents.

Our Domicilliary Care services are operated to the highest standards and operate to meet a wide range of needs.

Our team are professionally trained, caring specialists who are passionate about helping a wide range of clients who have diverse needs. Whether we are caring for them in one of our facilities or in their own home our team will demonstrate a professional, caring and effective approach to all of our clients.

Clients have individual care plans tailored to meet their needs. All Care plans are focused on making a positive difference.

Our Care Team works with our clients to achieve their daily needs, and always with a thought process and  an approach that will where possible help develop their abilities. At Fiducia Care where possible we encourage the residents to function independently and engage in beneficial activities that they will enjoy.

Achieving a level of self-sufficiency will promote growth in the abilities of our clients.

We want our residents in our care homes to live in an environment that encourages positivity and happiness. Fiducia Care want our clients where possible to have a high level of independence and be involved in activities both inside and outside of our homes.

All of our clients will feel well cared for.

We are particularly sensitive to the psychological, emotional, social and physical needs of all of our clients and we make sure that all individuals are treated with dignity and respect and are comfortable and motivated to  achieve their life goals and aspirations.

We work hard to  preserve and create the best care services by encouraging healthy life-choices and promoting well-being. We will offer our clients customized activity plans to encourage them to be positively engaged.

Fiducia Care Is the Right Choice

Why choose us?


Get Back to Your Life

Our in-house care services use the latest advance in technology to ensure our caretaker receive the highest level of service available.


24/7 Availability

Whether it be about care service option learning disability solutions, the admissions process, or questions, we are available to answer any questions you may have regarding care facilities.


Excellent Quality of Life

We have an array of social, recreational and educational activities within our bright and cheery surroundings that allow residents to enjoy their stay.

Our Values


We are committed to our values and integrity at an organizational level. Our reliability is established through our transparent communication that is transpired in our work. We place a high importance on integrity in our team so that our residents can build a relationship of mutual trust and loyalty with them.


We constantly aim at developing ourselves and staying up-to-date with latest technologies and legislations regarding care. We make sure that not only does our staff attend trainings regularly but also help our residents to grow and excel in their fields of interest.


Respect is a guiding value for all team members of FiduciaCare. Respect steers our daily interactions; with our residents and visitors alike. We make sure that an individual’s all basic human rights including religious inclinations, educational preferences, independence and choices are appreciated and cherished.


At FiduciaCare we strive for continuous improvement and excellence in the care industry. We try to deliver the best services that we are capable of providing. We look for new opportunities to learn and grow. Our objective is to become a leader and innovator in the care sector.