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Improving lives | Ensuring Growth

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Improving Lives | Ensuring Growth

Fiducia Care Limited specialises in providing a wide range of Care, support services and accommodation to service users aged 18 to 65 years with Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Challenging Behaviour and Mental Health.

Fiducia Care is a registered social care provider. We work strictly in adherence to CQC regulations and standards. Our focus is on providing outstanding care. Our team ethos, our values, our systems and procedures are all to ensure the highest quality care and support services for our service users.

Our approach is always person-centred with the aim of improving the lives of our service users. Our mission is to provide tailored care and support services that meet the unique needs of individual service users. We aim to deliver programmes of care that promote and develop the skills required for independent living.

We work with the wider care and local communities to offer an innovative, caring approach to meet the needs of our service users.


Epileptics require specialised care protocols to prevent slip-and-fall injuries, broken bones, loss of mobility and other injuries associated with seizures.


Our support services for residents on the Autism Spectrum include self-management, community engagement and connections with specialist interest groups.

Challenging Behaviour

Caring for someone with complex and challenging behavior can be very testing and demanding. It is essential that it is managed using specialised techniques.

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities include a number of disorders that impair Language visual spatial  processing, attention, perception and memory.

Mental Health

Our team will work with specialists to prescribe and provide a range of mental health treatments that will improve the situation of oue services users.

Fiducia Care Center

Head Office: One Victoria Square Birmingham B1 1BD

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Outstanding Care

Why choose us
  1. Meeting Your Emotional Needs

    Fiducia Care offers a warm, safe and caring environment. Our team understands their service users, we adapt to meet their needs in a relaxing, positive environment.

    Always remember that you are not alone, a member of our team at Fiducia Care is always there to support you.

  2. Meeting Your Physical Needs

    We offer skilled, professional, highly trained care staff services at all of our locations. We will work with external resources as necessary to provide the additional support you require.

    Fiducia Care provides the support our service users require to help build self-esteem, gain confidence and increase physical fitness.

  3. Increase Independence of Service Users

    We work with our service users to increase their confidence and become more independent in a professionally managed environment. Fiducia Care actively promote and support low risk activities in order to increase the independence of our service users in the local community.

    Fiducia care want to increase the ability and self confidence of our service users. Our care plans are designed to ensure our service users are well cared for, happy and have every opportunity to improve their daily lives. We will focus on developing service users’ skills – increasing their level of independent living by promoting cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene care, shopping, paying bills and providing opportunities in further education.

Fiducia Care

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About Our Homes

Fiducia Care – Ensuring Growth
Caring for our residents on a personal level

Fiducia Care Centres create a warm, safe and caring environment. Designed to cater to the needs of our service users, our homes include gardens, recreational areas and quality living space. Our aim is to work with every service user to improve their personal situation. Our service users feel protected and their well-being is promoted at all times

Our homes provide 24 hour seven days a week care in a secure environment.

Birmingham (2021)
Great Barr (2021)

Our Objectives

Fiducia Care – Ensuring Growth



Fiducia Care aims to provide outstanding care in the learning disability sector by providing high quality care facilities and innovative support services. We will always ensure our staff are well trained, happy and motivated to ensure they can deliver the best services to enable our service users to progress and grow in our caring environment.




To deliver a business model which continues to deliver outstanding care services in our Learning Disability Care Centres. To be recognised as the natural choice for providing outstanding care. To continually develop our teams helping them to find innovative solutions which will improve the lives of our service users.

It is our vision to continually improve our services to enable us to influence the wider care community and improve standards of care in the UK.



Our Mission is for our team to continually deliver the highest standards of care and work with the care and wider business community to deliver care solutions that exceed our customer needs.

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