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Challenging Behaviour

Improving lives | Ensuring Growth

Challenging Behaviour

Caring for someone with complex and challenging behavior can be very testing and demanding. It is essential that it is managed using specialised techniques. At Fiducia Care our staff are trained in Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention (NAPPI)  the training enables them to deal with difficult situations aggressive behavior displays, inappropriate language, disruptive episodes and self-harming.

Our Organisation will always strive to develop our care processes to enable our residents to become the best possible versions of themselves. Our staff has been specifically trained by NAPPI UK to deal with a range of challenging behaviors. We understand the display of challenging behavior as a form of communication, our residents are not judged on their initial behavior, rather they are unconditionally supported and motivated to help them build a quality life.

At Fiducia Care our trained  staff can achieve positive outcomes from what can sometimes be difficult situations. We provide specially equipped care homes designed to deal with challenging behaviour; we always aim to create a calm, positive environment for our residents.