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Improving lives | Ensuring Growth


Our support services for residents on the Autism Spectrum include self-management, community engagement and connections with similar interest groups. Our personalised approach provides our residents confidence and skills to live life on their own terms.

We believe in providing opportunities to our residents on the autism spectrum and improving their lives whilst giving consideration to their different needs. Fiducia Care provides a care home where our autistic residents receive outstanding care and where their skills and talents are appreciated and valued.

Individuals affected with ASD tend to require advanced support. At Fiducia Care, we provide autism-specific training to our staff, developing their in-depth understanding of autism and teaching them the necessary skills which are required in order to deliver evidence-based practical care. This includes training on pervasive communication, sensory stimuli, social interaction, level of function and ability, stress reduction, behavioral flexibility and receptive interests. We provide our staff with professional quality training based on best practices for addressing the person-specific needs of our residents.